March 9, 2013

Joe the Barbarian (8 issue series, now in a single volume); Written by Grant Morrison and drawn by Sean Murphy. Images from Vertigo site. 

Joe is a teenage boy with Type 1 diabetes. When his blood sugar drops and he enters a state of hypoglycemia, he begins to hallucinate, and enters a fantasy world populated with his toys and other fantasy characters. Here he becomes embroiled in a war with King Death, while in the real world he searches for a soda to fix his blood sugar. Source

I absolutely loved reading Joe the Barbarian. The art is beyond freaking fantastic and the concept and characters pulled me right in. I really suggest/recommend this to anyone that hasn’t read it yet! I almost cried near the end. It’s one of my favorite picks so far and in the top 5 suggestions to anyone that wants to get into comics. What makes it exceptional is the blend of the two worlds and how each impact each other. The characters are believable and decently developed in 8 issues. 

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    The cover really drew me in when I saw it at Barnes & Noble so I started reading it there and it just really hit home...
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    well, the art looks awesome, and the idea behind it sounds interesting… Okay, I am going to read this
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